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The Android Debug Bridge

Android logo by Google.

The following is primarily a note for myself, but perhaps it can be useful for others as well.

It turns out to be rather straightforward to obtain command-line access to an Android phone, also when it is not rooted. Namely, one can use ADB – the Android Debug Bridge, a client-server tool that is part of the Android SDK Platform-Tools package. It requires a working Java runtime environment and is easy to use, following the clear instructions on the ADB homepage.

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From offline LaTeX to online QuickLaTeX

For writing mathematics in WordPress using LaTeX I have been using Pavel Holoborodko’s nice QuickLaTeX plugin. It makes it very easy to convert offline LaTeX source code, possibly including custom macros, into (part of) a WordPress post. To reduce the effort a bit further, I wrote a tiny Python 3 script.

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Saved by a pipe smoking penguin

In the late 1990s I used Linux for the first time. Back then, Slackware was one of a limited number of distributions on the market. Installation took very long and failed repeatedly. Partly this was due to my slow and unreliable internet connection, but my inexperience and incompetence were likely at least as detrimental to my progress. From what I remember I managed to set up X11 with the aid of a configuration script that asked me many questions to which I guessed most answers. I also found out how to make Linux talk to my external dial-up modem. No longer chained by evil Microsoft, I was very proud of myself.

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