About me

Me, hiding behind my dog.

Me, hiding behind my dog.

My name is Sebastiaan Janssens and I work in mathematics under supervision of my PhD advisors O. Diekmann and S.A. van Gils and also in cooperation with Yu.A. Kuznetsov at Utrecht University and the University of Twente in The Netherlands.

My interests are in dynamical systems: foundations, stability and bifurcation. In particular:

  • various classes of delay equations,
  • related linear algebra and functional analysis,
  • computational aspects and computer algebra.

I consider myself reasonably competent in Maple, MATLAB, modern Fortran and C (but not C++). Also, I enjoy Lisp, but so far mostly just for editing text in Emacs.

Via the menu at the top you find some information on my work, as well as my blog.

Contact information

You are welcome to contact me via email email. Optionally, use my PGP key to encrypt your email message.


For formula typesetting I use the Simpe MathJax plugin. It enables MathJax in WordPress, so I can use $\LaTeX$ on my site.