About me

Me, hiding behind my dog.

Me, hiding behind my dog.

For my work in mathematics I am kindly hosted by Utrecht University, The Netherlands. My PhD advisors are O. Diekmann and S.A. van Gils. I also cooperate with Yu.A. Kuznetsov.

My interest is broadly in functional analytic methods for infinite-dimensional dynamical systems. Currently I study well-posedness and dynamics of various classes of abstract delay equations via dual semigroup theory. See my publications.

My motivation comes from within mathematics as well as from problems in mathematical biology. Recently I have become interested in control-theoretic questions.

Delay equations is also the eponym of a domain that I have registered for the plan of creating a cooperative wiki about aspects of theory and examples of delay equations. If you have expertise and would like to cooperate, consider letting me know.

Contact information

You can contact me via email or more email. You may use my PGP key.
I also have a little page on ResearchGate.


I am a grateful user of various excellent programs that are part of the GNU project.
For online $\LaTeX$ formula typesetting with MathJax I use the Simpe MathJax plugin.